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One more kiss?

“One more kiss?” her small voice asks out of the darkness, gravelly with sleep. I lean over and press my lips to her feather-soft cheek, giving her my benediction and promise. I will be here for you: when you learn to use the toilet, ride a bicycle, ride a school bus. I will stand by your side when you make a best friend or lose one. Your first love, first kiss, first broken heart, last broken heart; my heart for you will be faithful. You will grow up, grow strong, walk out into the world and you will change...

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Write to Your US Representatives About DACA

If you want to write your Representative and Senators about the DACA program, feel free to steal my letter! Find your representatives here:   Dear (Politician), I urge you to act to protect the people enrolled in the DACA program from deportation. I urge you and the other members of Congress to pass legislation that will create an easy and quick path to citizenship for all people who have grown up knowing the USA as their home for a majority of their lives. To deport those who came to this country as children and have known this country...

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8 New Books for Three-Year-Olds

Last week I posted about 10 Classic Stories for Three-Year-Olds. Today, here are some of our newer favorites! Froggy Series I love this great series for this age group. Froggy is always doing silly things and the onomatopoeia in these books make for a fun read. Mix It Up! This is a very good interactive book to read with your child. It doesn’t work as well for group readings, but for one-on-one story time, I highly recommend it. This is probably one of Lily’s favorite books this whole year. It deals with color mixing, but it such a way...

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10 Classic Stories for Three-Year-Olds

My daughter loves books. I couldn’t be happier. We read 4-5 books a day together, and I wanted to share some of the best classic stories for three-year-olds to enjoy. I will be following this post with one sharing some of our favorite new children’s books. Curious George We have a big book of all the classic Curious George books. It’s hard to choose a favorite out of all of them, but I think Curious George Goes to the Hospital is Lily’s favorite. We’ve read that one countless times. Corduroy This touching story made me tear up at the end when...

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19 Bible Verses for Pregnancy and Labor

While I was pregnant, I made this list of scriptures that I would read and pray over whenever I was feeling anxious or overwhelmed. I also planned on using them during my labor to help calm and relax me. It turns out I was too tired and delirious during labor to look at them, although I’m sure it would have helped, had I not gone into labor at 10 pm and been unable to sleep  once it had started. Hopefully they can bring strength and comfort to you as well. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every...

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