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Finding Free Stock Photography

This issue of Money Saving Marketing is highlighting three sources for free stock photography. It can be very expensive to buy professional photography to use in marketing campaigns. Sometimes it is necessary when you have a unique idea, or when you would like a specific model in the picture. But it is not always important or cost effective to spend a lot of money on every photograph. The following three websites can help when you are looking for an easy, free solution.

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Becoming a Freelancer

I must admit that most people would not become a freelancer the same way I am. Since I am quitting my job before doing any freelance work, it’s frightening. I think I’m learning a lot about myself and human nature...

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New Look

I’ve changed the look of I’ve been working on web-design again… and it’s pretty fun. I’d forgotten how much I actually liked it. Would I prefer to do this full-time?

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Ugh… creative mess!

This video is awesome. It’s also sadly true. Thankfully, things don’t always get this bad… but I hate it when you have to keep adding and adding and adding garbage to perfectly understandable and good designs....

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Business or Busyness?

There’s a place of peace found in the presence of the Almighty God. The entry into this place in found in praise. In worship. In surrender. With humbleness and the awareness that we, ourselves, will never be able to summon...

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What Makes a Great Manager?

This question has been on my mind since my manager told our department at a meeting this week that he was moving to Texas, becoming a church’s media director. 1. Damage Control Our department has been in a state of unrest and...

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