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The Baby Who Would Not Sleep

I’m so blessed to be the mother of a happy, healthy, beautiful baby girl. Sometimes, like today, I get frustrated by the little things. Lily won’t sleep in her crib. She hasn’t been sleeping in her crib since she was four months old, though occasionally I can get her to stay asleep when I set her down. Josh is much better at that than I am. I think his height helps him. So lately I’ve been trying to get her to go to sleep when she’s already in her crib.

It’s not working.

Mostly it involves putting her in her crib when she’s sleepy, then she stands up, I lay her down, she stands up. This continues until I give in and sit on the floor and watch her play in her crib for a while. I do the laying down and standing up game again. I rock her. I nurse her. I try putting her down in her crib and we start all over again.

It ends when either she finally sleeps in the crib (which has only happened once), or I just let her sleep in my arms or on my bed. She’s sleeping in my arms right now. And even though I wasn’t able to get her to sleep, and she won the battle of wills again, I win too. I know I won’t get to hold this precious girl in my arms very long, and I treasure this time. So sleep little angel, I’ll snuggle you if that’s how you like to sleep.

6 months

It has been a long time since I have posted, but I have the very best of excuses. I have spent the last six months enthralled with my baby girl. Lily is a wonderful baby, happy almost all the time, with the cutest dimples you have ever seen. To be honest, she is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen, though you might just think I’m biased.

I am so thrilled to finally be a mother. After I was married, it was as if my life before marriage faded away, and my married life was the beginning of my real life. Now, after having a baby, I have a similar feeling. The life that I had before she was born was wonderful, but I feel alive in a new way now.

If I can ask one thing of my readers, please do not believe the lie that women need to become more like men in order to be a success. Women are more powerful in being women – creating life inside our bodies, and nurturing life once it is born, shaping the future of humanity with loving hearts and service – than we are in becoming power-suit CEOs. I support and desire women to be CEOs and anything else they are gifted to do, but I have discovered something wonderful. God gave women a gift in being mothers, and motherhood needs to receive more respect. It is truly a blessing to be a mother, and no one should disparage that. So please, don’t buy the lie that any child is an inconvenience to be aborted.

I am just so thrilled to watch Lily grow and develop each day. Most recently, she has started sitting and eating food. What a cutey.

Baby Shower

The time is quickly coming… the middle of October is right around the corner. With our baby girl coming soon, my family hosted a baby shower for me. It was a really fun day. Ariel made some very cool beach themed snacks: sand dollar cookies and sand pudding. They were fun and tasty. We played a few different games: one mixed up advice game, guess the children’s book, and shower gift bingo.

Our baby received a lot of very cute clothes and other fun things: toys, bath goodies, diapers, and more. It was a lot of fun and I am so thankful for all the ladies who came and showed their love.

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Mom and Me

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms reading this! This mother’s day is probably my last before I am a mother myself. I am thinking today about my baby who is probably lying in an orphanage in Russia with dozens of other children and only a few child care workers watching over them. I don’t know who my child is. I don’t know where my child is. I don’t know what his birth mother experienced that she felt she had to give him up.

I pray a blessing on that mother today, and I pray for my child and every other child who is spending today without a mother and a father. I also pray for the mothers who have lost their children because of their poor choices, and are now in prison or have had their parental rights suspended or terminated. Lord, move in all of these lives. Please bring families together and bring orphans into loving families. Please protect and bless the children around the world who are motherless. Thank you for my mother.

I’ve learned a lot from my mom. Sometimes it’s hard to think of what I’ve learned from her, but I know that I only feel that way because it is so hard to determine what I didn’t learn from her. She has taught me so many of the things that I do every day. Her support and love throughout my life has been so important and strengthening to me.

Thank you Mom for teaching me a love of music, and a love of nature, and a love for beauty wherever it is found. Thank you for teaching me to cook. Thank you for teaching me how to laugh at myself. Thank you for showing me how to stand up in front of others and speak or sing, whether I was great or not so great. Thank you for teaching me to love the people around me, my family and friends, with God’s graceful love.  Thank you for letting me try so many things that I didn’t know how to do, and a lot of the time didn’t even finish. Thank you for teaching me to honor and value others and myself. Thank you for reading to me. Thank you for singing me to sleep millions of times.

I’m so blessed to have grown up in a loving family, with such a wonderful mom. I hope that you will teach me how to be a mom like you are, to be able to give so selflessly into my children and my marriage, bringing life to all that I touch. Like you do.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Beginning a New Year

Happy New Year! Happy New Decade!

The last couple of months has been extremely busy. I don’t know where they went, but they are gone and it’s January already. I’ve begun to think about some new resolutions because it is always good to set goals. Last year my resolutions included buying more locally, buying more organic foods, and using as few things containing harmful chemicals as possible. Continue reading Beginning a New Year